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Tutorials - How To Create an Explicitly Typed Web Service
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In the lesson, How to Write a Simple Web Service, we took a look a creating Web services with very flat, simple interfaces. Such interfaces consist of little more than named lists of strings. While sufficient for some purposes, most Web services can benefit by taking advantage of the full range of rich typing/structuring capabilities offered by XML-Schema. The purpose of this lesson is to briefly describe how such interfaces can be defined and quickly made functional.

Let’s say we’re authoring a service “TempMonitor” with an operation “getWeatherConditions” that provides a set of weather measurements gathered from various geographic locations at a particular point in time. The first thing we want to do is define the XML-Schema types to be used in the service request. Suppose we’re designing a weather forecasting interface. We need some way to express temperature…



…and other weather characteristics such as humidity and barometric pressure. These elements can be bundled together with a location field in a “conditions-at-place” type representing a measurement taken a particular location. We can then define an additional type “conditions-set-type” used to expresses many such measurements taken at particular point in time.

 Download Delve® SOA Fast-Prototyping Toolkit (Beta 1.0)
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