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Cretaceous Consulting

While consulting is not at the forefront of Cretaceous Software’s charter, we do take part in service-oriented projects involving key customers and partners. The company provides expertise in a wide array of roles, including:

  • Solutions strategy formulation
  • Software architecture
  • Service oriented and object oriented design
  • RUP documentation
  • End-user documentation
  • Software development

While Cretaceous is a new presence in the software consulting industry, its founders bring with them a wealth of business and technical experience. They have successfully led and completed projects involving a wide range of employers, partners, and clients, many of them in the Fortune 500. Among these are the following:

  • Clorox Corporation
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
  • Turbolinux
  • Citigroup
  • Ocular Sciences
  • TSA
  • webMethods
  • BEA
  • Microsoft
  • Countrywide Funding

Philosophy and Process

In a nutshell, Cretaceous’ philosophy concerning software development on client projects can be expressed using these two statements:

  • Process is important.
  • No one process can be successfully applied to every software consulting project. There is no “magic bullet.” This is something on which most writers on the subject agree. The “three amigos,” for instance make it clear that RUP is not always effective and Kent Beck’s books on Extreme Programming are almost as much about whether to apply the process as they are the process itself.

We believe that effective software engineering is to some degree a matter of finding the right process, or combination of processes, to fit the project and client—be it Agile Development, Extreme Programming, Spiral, or RUP. In many cases, Cretaceous’ consultants will combine and refine elements of different processes in order to deliver the best solution. For instance, one might combine the automated testing techniques of XP with design techniques from RUP and the microiterative refinement progressions from Agile.

Value Proposition

Cretaceous Software brings several differentiating factors to the table.

  • A unique focus on achieving customer success. Because we maintain only a small number of key clients, our ability to focus closely on each project is greatly enhanced. Due to the fact that consulting activities is not key to Cretaceous’ growth prospects, we will neither extend our client list beyond our ability to provide first-class service nor staff projects with minimally qualified subcontractors and junior employees who are essentially learning on the job (both common practices at large consulting firms). Where projects exceed a certain size or call for expertise not readily available at Cretaceous, we will draw from a rich set of industry contacts to engage appropriate partners.
  • Technological agnosticism. Our emphasis is on SOA, but many different technologies can be used to implement an SOA-centric solution. We have the skill set and willingness to implement solutions based on .Net, Java (both commercial and open source), LAMP, or RoR. This allows us to minimize project costs and align architecture with a client’s existing technological assets.
Location. Situated in southern Idaho, Cretaceous is able to take advantage of a unique combination of low-cost/high-quality labor (due to the region’s low-cost but high standard of living) and low-cost/high-quality infrastructure to provide excellent consulting services at an extremely competitive price. In many cases we are able to deliver solutions at a lower cost than fly-by-night “body shops” that rely heavily on foreign labor.


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